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Sunday Sermon & Worship - May 31, 2020

We invite you to join us in worship this week!  Our praise team has provided video worship once again, this time including Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Psalm 23, Whom Shall I Fear, Thrive, and Build Your Kingdom Here.  We pray these songs will encourage, challenge, and bless you!  Also, we apologize for some issues with the audio quality.  Starting next week, there will be significant improvement, as we got some new recording equipment.  Thank you for patiently bearing with us as our worship ministry team is learning some new technology to try to bring everyone the best worship experience possible.

Please also listen to Pastor Darrell's sermon "Increase and Abound In Love," as we continue our study of 1 Thessalonians with chapter 3.

Worship Music:

Sermon: "Increase and Abound In Love" 1 Thessalonians 3:1-13
Pastor Darrell Hobbs

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Inheritance by Robert McKethan
Made in God's Image by Christy Smith

You can give yo…


From Robert McKethan:

I often think about my earthly inheritance…contemplating what I inherited from my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. I also contemplate my inheritance from Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve’s failure to obey God guaranteed that I (and the rest of mankind) received a sinful state. As I think about my circumstance, I fully realize that I am incapable of escaping the consequence of Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey God. Regardless of how ‘good’ I am, I am a sinner deserving eternal banishment from Heaven. Because of my inheritance, I am a sinner by omission and by commission. I sin by omission when I fail to follow expectations found in God’s of which is my failure to spend more time studying God’s Word. I am a sinner by commission since I do things that are contrary to God’s Word. Last week, I was very angry (in words and thought) when a motorist ran a red light as I was turning left at an intersection. You see, I am like the apostle Paul as …

Made In God's Image

From Christy Smith:
I recently visited my friend Kaity at her family farm. She has been welcoming lots of babies cows!  There have been eight calves born in the last two weeks, with five more expected any day.  It was a blessing to see all the new life that God has created!
Kaity's favorite cow is named Panda.  She is a black cow with a white face.  Panda's baby looks just like her, the only white-faced calf on the farm. Panda's calf was created to look just like her momma, and it's easy to identify her calf among the herd.
The Bible tells us that we are created in God's image.  An image represents and reflects something or someone.  God created us to reflect who He is to all those we encounter.  We are to reflect God's love, kindness, compassion, and grace so that He alone will be known and glorified.  As Christians. we are to be easily identified among the "herd"...not because of who we are but because of who He is.  I encourage my Gre…

Sunday Sermon & Worship - May 24, 2020

We may be torn away in person, but we are still united as the Body of Christ! Please join us in worship this week, using the music provided by our Praise Team.  The songs are Same Power, It Is Well With My Soul, and an excellent new song that our team learned called Good Grace, which reminds us that our help comes from the Lord, through salvation by the blood Jesus Christ.  Words to the songs are provided if you wish to sing along.  Please also check out Pastor Darrell's sermon "Torn Away - In Person, Not In Heart" as we continue our study of 1 Thessalonians.

Worship Music:

Sermon: "Torn Away - In Person, Not In Heart" 1 Thessalonians 2:17-20
Pastor Darrell Hobbs

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Thank you for joining us for worship this week!

Sunday Sermon & Worship - May 17, 2020

We welcome you to worship with us!  We are excited to share with you that our praise team was able to get together (socially-distanced!) and make a worship video for this week.  The words are included below, so feel free to sing along, reflect, pray, or just listen!  Be sure to also check out Pastor Darrell's sermon below, titled "The Word of God" on 1 Thessalonians 2:13-16.  We hope that you will be blessed by our worship content this week!

Worship Music:

Sermon: "The Word of God" 1 Thessalonians 2:13-16
Pastor Darrell Hobbs

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Thank you for joining us for worship this week!

Let Me Be There

Posted by Robert McKethan:

Recently, I heard part of the song, “Let Me Be There”. "Let Me Be There" was a popular song in 1973 written by John Rostilland was first recorded by Olivia Newton-John. I decided to check out all of the lyrics. Although “Let Me Be There” is a secular song, some of the lyrics reminds me of how I believe the Holy Spirit wants to be a part of our lives. The following is the first stanza of this song:

Where ever you go, where ever you may wanderin your life

Surely you know I always want to be there

Holding your hand and standing by to catch you when you fall

Seeing you thru in ev'rything you do

Here are some connections that I made. First, I know that Jesus wants to be a part of our lives (Rev 3:20). When Jesus enters our lives, we receive the Holy Spirit. We know that the Holy Spirit is our helper, teaches us all things (John 14:26), and when we listen, He prevents us from falling. When we do fall, the Holy Spirit picks us up, reassures us a…

Sunday Sermon & Worship - May 10, 2020

We welcome you to our Worship Arts Blog, and invite you to worship with us this week!

We begin today's worship with an observance of Mother's Day, a day in which we celebrate and honor the women that God has blessed us with.  Please watch this video, a special token of appreciation for the Godly women in our lives.

Please join us in praying this Mother's Day prayer below:

Greenway Virtual Praise Team: "Who You Say I Am" (Hillsong)

Sermon: "Entrusted With the Gospel"
1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Pastor Darrell Hobbs

Special Music:  How Beautiful (arr. Beebe)
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Thank you for joining us for worship this week!

The Greenway Witnesses

Post by Robert McKethan:

The Greenway Witnesses I am constantly reminded of the witness of service demonstrated by our Greenway family. For example, Ruth Ann Teague daily prays for 150 people and in those prayers, she lifts up these individuals by name! Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, she systematically visited those living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Ruth Ann exemplifies the commitment to service in its many forms by the Greenway family. In addition to the church wide-ministries, our brothers and sisters serve by 1) sending notes, 2) making phone calls, 3) making and delivering meals, 4) taking folks to appointments, and 5) praying for one another. Often our service is known only to the recipient of that service.
In our quasi isolation, we remain steadfast, enthused, determined, and active in whatever task our Father gives to us. Our service is a symbol to our commitment to serve our Lord.

Our Greenway Mission is to Seek, Know and Serve God.

Each of you should u…

Sunday Sermon & Worship - May 3, 2020

Greetings!  As we worship this week from places near and far, may this week's sermon and worship content provide spiritual blessing.

Greenway Virtual Praise Team: "Holy Spirit" by Francesca Battistelli

Sermon: "You Became an Example"
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Pastor Darrell Hobbs

Music for Prayer and Reflection:  They'll Know We Are Christians (arr. Beebe) More Like You - Amy Templeton


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