Sunday Sermon & Worship - June 7, 2020

Please join us in worship!  This week you should notice a great improvement in the audio quality of our music.  We have updated our recording equipment, and our praise team is excited to share this week's worship video with you.  May it be a reminder that Jesus is our friend in all circumstances, and that He upholds His promise to never leave nor forsake us.  We want to say a special thank you to our praise team, and especially to Jeff Templeton for the audio and video recording, and to Klay Anderson for providing words for our singers.

We also encourage you to listen to Pastor Darrell's very timely sermon on overcoming adversity.  We hope and pray that you will continue to be blessed by our online worship content, and we look forward to the day that we can worship safely together in person.

Worship Music:

Sermon: "Overcoming Adversity"
Matthew 19:26
Pastor Darrell Hobbs
CLICK HERE to read the entire chapter.

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Thank you for joining us for worship this week!


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